Fandango, a los angeles based company, is one of the largest online movie portals.  A few weeks ago it announced that it had integrated with the Facebook platform by supporting Facebook Pages.  

Unless you've been in a hole for the last few years, you are no doubt aware of the growing dominance Facebook has in the social networking realm.  With their support of Facebook apps beginning earlier this year, and now with their ad platform "Pages" that was rolled out earlier this month, companies are on a mad scramble to get in on the social graph train.  In general this is a good thing and connecting your entertainment activities with your friends online is a natural move, and one would think Facebook and Fandango would match well.  

But there is a problem, Fandango and Facebook maybe going too far with what they are integrating.  Privacy alarms are beginning to be ring, with Fandango's use of Facebook "beacons".  Essentially, if you purchase movie tickets through Fandango's website, that info gets posted to your Facebook profile for all to see. This was first covered at the Huffington Post and many across the Internet are beginning to report the same.   It seems obvious that while a few may like their activity automatically carried over,  many are going to be surprised to see what they are doing on a completely different website, showing up on the news stream on their "private" Facebook profile.  And while one side of me has to applaud the technical effort that Fandango and Facebook have done to get this kind of integration to work, the larger issue here is the implications of websites beginning to share your personal activity and how consumers are going to react to that.