Today 10 year old (based in Santa Monica) announced that they received a $7M venture backed loan from ORIX Venture Finance. 

For those not familiar with a venture debt deal, it is sort of (in simplified terms) a cross between a bank loan and traditional venture capital round.  Anyways, one would hope that with the additional money, can now afford/find the time to update their site.  While has successfully survived the first bubble, it remains to be seen if they can get competitive in this new bubble, as user generated content sites like (seen on this graph)  are kicking old's butt.  While once was at the cutting edge as the shopping portal for cooking related things, it has long been passed up by sites that have more sticky content like recipes, reviews, etc. At this point, is most successful with its private label and partnership agreements (sporting big names like, Starbucks, Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker).  According to Venture Beat, expanding this private label is a big part of what they are getting the funding for.  Considering that they've already received over 100M in funding, and this new round is debt financed (harder to get) its likely they are profitable, and see additional business opportunity in expanding their private label services.  Of course while this may be true, it'd be nice to see them throw some money at the core brand as well, by adding more community features to bring's main site into the 21st century.