San Diego based, Mindtouch is a wiki software maker focused on the enterprise.   They originally launched in 2005 and have had a steady stream of new features and new high profile customers (including heavy weights like Microsoft, Fujitsu, British Petroleum, Stanford University, and Mozilla).

Business wikis are a huge and growing market, and Mindtouch is definitely leading the way.  Mediawiki (the most popular wiki engine that powers Wikipedia, as well as many other sites) is a huge and complicated beast and not exactly well suited for businesses who just want to plug and go.  Mindtouch's DekiWiki product has 100k installations, focused on the enterprise, with a much easier deployment than MediaWiki.  Meaning that as a business DekiWiki is probably your top choice.  For those who care about open source companies, DekiWiki is an open source platform,  just like MediaWiki, so if your dev team is really up to snuff, you can probably modify just about anything.

As mentioned, Mindtouch has been really aggressive with their release cycles and are really moving DekiWiki from just a standard wiki to a full on service application platform.  The big thing they've released just recently, is the ability to include mashups in their wikis.  While at first this may seem like an unusual match, wikis are the most deployed web 2.0 technology in the enterprise and its probably a great way to introduce businesses to another hot web 2.0 tech: mashups.  Of course while mashups in the enterprise are less deployed and arguably less useful then consumer facing counterparts, there are still plenty of reasons a business may be interested in mashups.  Combining internal wiki data with Google Mapping or Flickr photo streams are just two useful way I could see the mashups being useful in enterprise applications, and I'm sure there many others.  In reality the question, to me is not a matter of whether or not mashups and wikis are a good match in the enterprise (they are), but rather can and will customers that use Dekiwiki have the resources to take advantage of it.  I would guess that given Mindtouch's main market are businesses who are looking for somewhat of a turn-key solutions, I would say the answer is probably no.  But regardless, its nice to see that Mindtouch is continuing to trying to innovate in the enterprise wiki space.