San Diego based startup company ProQuo today announced 8M in Series B funding (after receiving a $5M round last year) by Mission Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurveston.  So what are they doing with all this funding, dealing with email spam?  Nope, actually they are using the Internet to kill snail mail spam.

The Good
Their getting rid of junk mail, thats about as good as it gets!  
Basically you get presented a bunch of things that you get put on mailing lists for (coupons, credit cards, catalogs, etc.), and mostly all you have to do is click on the ones you dont want sent to you anymore and ProQuo handles the rest. In a few cases, ProQuo, can't automate it, so they give you instructions on what you need to do manually.  But either way, at the end of ProQuo session, you are pretty much guaranteed to get rid of a lot of that junk in you mailbox.

The Bad
Well there isn't a whole lot of bad things to talk about with ProQuo, they are free and they are providing a great service for consumers.  The one thing to point out is maybe the irony of their revenue model.  Like many free Internet services they are advertisement driven, which is kind of funny considering their company is about getting rid of advertisements in you mail.  Frankly though I'd rather see a few ads on the side of a website then a bunch of crap in my mailbox thats not only annoying me, but also killing trees for no good reason.

Only good things to come for ProQuo.  With the added capital, it will be interesting to see how they continue to expand their service.  They have already been well covered in the press and high profile blogs and they are picking up traffic and customers fast, so now its just a matter of sitting back and watching these guys grow.