Where do you go to get rid of your hot gadget gear from two years ago?  Well besides ebay.  Los Angeles based TechForward apparently is the place.  These guys, closed a Series A round from First Round Capital last year, with the semi unique idea of a buy-back/recycling site focused on tech gear. 

So how does it work? Well basically you buy a device (mainly a laptop or ipod) pay a one-time fee, and you are guaranteed to be able to sell back  to them and some rate.  A sort of trade in insurance for product that experience rapid changes in technology. 

At first glance, I actually think TechForward is a good idea, but under the hood there is some problems.  They have virtually no traffic to their website, probably because people perceive that its sort of a rip off.   For example I just got a new macbook and they are saying that for 29 dollars I can get the insurance and sell it back to them guaranteed for 400 dollars a year from now.  Thats crazy, year old macbooks could easily be sold on either ebay or craigslist for twice that.   So about the only thing this appeals to is some lazy guy who wants some money, from his gadgets, but not all the money.  Now that same lazy guy still has to go through the trouble of signing up for TechForward in the first place, and frankly that doesn't seem to add up.