Los Angeles based Uber.com is yet another social network that tries to bring Myspace's artistic base in to the "uber-cool" web 2.o world.  Uber focuses on using the social graph to make your own website.  Which to me seems like doing nothing more then rewording customized profile page to make you think your getting something special.  

The one thing that would have been cool about Uber is the ability to bring in media from other social sources (such as youtube, flickr, etc) , which I guess you could use to create the ultimate aggregated website (profile) about yourself.  Unfortunately the way to do that wasn't particularly intuitive, and thus I'm left with nothing of interest to say about Uber.  Maybe the one surprise is that Uber some how seems to be gaining credible traffic (250K last month) despite the fact that no ones heard of it.  For the life of me, I can't figure out why they'd be gaining such decent traffic in such short time, so clearly someone sees something in Uber that I don't.