Last week Santa Monica based announced that the received an undisclosed investment from General Catalyst Partners.  The site is basically an aggregation service for "how-to" type videos.  Apparently self-help 2.0 sites are all the rage right now, as TechCrunch just covered yesterday First30Days (not socal based) which similarly focuses on positive self help articles during "the first 30 days of a major life change".  And while the two companies don't exactly overlap, being funded at the same time, does imply that the venture community is recognizing the value in sites that focus on the self help niche.

So how is  It's actually pretty cool, and they definitely index a lot of content.  I ran across a few bugs while using the site, but nothing show stopping, and overall I was impressed with how thorough the indexing/aggregation of their content was.  
So far in the recent months since the site has launched, Wonderhowto hasn't garnered much traffic yet, but the NY Times recently did a profile of
 them (and their excentric founder), so maybe they'll pickup steam.  On the otherhand picking up steam maybe harder for this type of business, because although clearly their is a huge market for self-help related stuff (just browse a bookstore to see how much we Americans gobble the stuff up), the videos and Wonderhowto itself is not nearly as viral as other video sites.  Because lets face it, as lame as some stupid funny stunt video on Youtube is, people love to forward them around and thus they get a lot of play.  Companies like do really well with that.  But Wonderhowto doesn't have that growth advantage, I mean, who forwards how-to videos? 

 Of course the founder of Wonderhowto is known for his antics, so maybe we'll see some unuasual marketting strategies from his team to gain the viral traffic that they want.  And because of that, I'd be surprised to see Wonderhowto not pickup some decent traction.  Though I do have to say, guys couldn't you have picked a shorter name?