San Diego Based Nirvanix recently closed their second round of funding through Intel Capital for an undisclosed amount. Their first round produced 12 million through investments from Mission Ventures, Valhalla Partners and Windward Ventures.

If you are like me and were unfamiliar with Nirvanix you may be excused for thinking that the name is from some villan in Matrix 5 re re reloaded. In fact Nirvanix, is actually a massively scalable online storage platform. And while this may seem mundane compared to the oh so glamorous web 2.0 gloss, Nirvanix has a solid business on their hands. As one of the only alternatives to Amazon's popular S3 service, Nirvanix has a competitive offering with a simpler interface and surprise, surprise, an actual SLA. As great as S3 is, Amazon has taken pleanty of flack for building a great B2B type service with a poor SLA, and Nirvanix basically fills that gap.

Until Google comes out with their rumored ultimate GDrive with an extra helping of space with less cost and more amazing APIs, Nirvanix continues to be one of the most attractive options for those who need cloud type storage.