I recently had the opportunity to watch one of the TutorLinker founders (a student from UCLA) pitch to a group of angels in southern california.  The pitch was rather rough in a couple ways: it didn't address what their market was, how they were going to bring any return on the investors capital, or really what their product was.  They assumed many of the angels were well versed in web 2.0 and how that applied to finding a tutor.  Needless to say the angels weren't and thus Tutorlinker didn't make it past the first round of pitching.

Despite the presentation snafu (and don't let it get you down TutorLinker), they have a well designed little site.  Basically its a place where tutors 
and those in need of tutors can meet up.  Naturally being a nice little web 2.0 site, it mashes up where the tutors are geographically using the Google Map API.  And while the site isn't particularly sophisticated in what it offers, what they do to (help find tutors) is done well with quite a lot of polish.  
Honestly, I'm pretty surprised these guys made it on TechCrunch a few months back, but it's defiantly a good sign.  The big question is whether or not they can take their "cool" little website and figure out how to turn it into a business.