So everyone seems to have recognized how hot funding green tech companies were in the venture capital space last year (and it looks to be continuing this year).  So how does that trickle down in to the consumer facing web 2.0 space?  Well what you get is, a Santa Monica based, aggregator site of all things environmentally friendly. hasn't been out long, but it's likely to become a leader in the emerging sector of an online green marketplace.  The audiences of tech savvy and green friendly are a very big overlapping demographic, so the business definitely makes sense, and Evo being one of the first in the segment, will probably  do well.  From just spending a bit of time with Evo I was pretty happy with the experience.  The site is laid out well (in of course predictable green color schemes) and their general technology platform seems pretty solid.  They programmatically scrape partner sites and assess a green rating on potential products based on environmental friendliness.  If the product makes the cut, it gets on their site, along with the evo score and the relevant details.  Pressuming Evo gets some traction they have a pretty good business model as well, in that they charges their partners a healthy sized referral fee based on the retail price of the product.  
Overall as someone who is trying to do my part in purchasing more eco friendly products, Evo's niche hits a personal itch for me, and I'm guessing I'm not the only one.